What We Do

Software is a critical component to any security system. It is for this reason that Areta Consultants familiarised itself with the latest technologies. Areta Consultants recognised the importance of ensuring an intelligent solution is provided and not just integrating into devices.

We provide the customer with mechanisms for improving and streamlining business processes and through its monitoring and measuring capabilities raises levels of productivity. Organisations are able to to effectively monitor, manage and report key deliverables across the security environment.

Areta Technologies ensures that the technology provided is in line with the client's objectives and budget. We have a dedicated Technical Evaluation Committee who constantly reviews and tests new products in the market to ensure it will deliver as promised.

Areta Consultants implements and supports the following disciplines:

Our Technologies

Ballistic Manager

  • The world’s fastest patented forensic imaging tool and an obvious choice for tactical media exploitation, DOMEX and time-critical investigations
  • Recover deleted data
  • Fits in your pocket
  • No need to remove hard drive
  • Forensically sound with MD5, SHA1 and SHA256 validation


  • Oxygen forms the extraction engine for mobiles, smartphones, tablets and cloud-based accounts within the Areta® Unified Forensics Platform. This allows you to easily access and acquire data from mobile devices running on Android, Apple iOS, Windows, Bada, Blackberry, Chinese MTK, Symbian etc. Built on the industry leading Oxygen Forensics Extractor, MCMS is able to provide a truly unified platform that pools all of this data into a single location for continued analysis.
  • Oxygen provides advanced technology to acquire data from dozens of different cloud applications, including encrypted apps like WhatsApp, within a simple to use interface.
  • Allows the extraction and analysis of data from such a broad range of devices allowing you to conduct the critical cross-link analysis that’s required in the 21st century.

Field Triage

  • View live files for real-time triage
  • Extremely easy to use USB deployment
  • Logical, physical and RAM extraction
  • Real-time hash list and keyword searches
  • Patented red, amber and green warnings

Media Acquisition

  • View live files for real-time triage
  • Image multiple devices simultaneously
  • Auto-analysis based on pre-defined criteria
  • Rapid imaging speeds
  • Recover deleted data

Picture and Video Analytics

  • Detect objects contained in images or video files
  • The engine can detect close to 10,000 specific items including; weapons, drugs, passports and vehicles as well as more abstract and miniscule objects like fruits, vegetation, stationary and more.
  • Utilising these processes significantly reduces the time that an examiner spends manually viewing images and allows them to perform other critical investigative tasks.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology normalises items like signs, number plates, written text and signatures into digital writing. This allows examiners to rapidly keyword search and match otherwise hidden data.
  • Advanced PhotoDNA technology allows an examiner to compare the similarities between pictures in a pixel-by-pixel manner. This gets around negative HASH matches due to minor changes made between two images.

Workflow and Automation

  • Vastly increases the speed of investigations.
  • Reduced complexity. Easy for non-technical users.
  • Faster convictions & more guilty pleas.
  • Reduced backlog of digital forensic cases.
  • Significant cost & efficiency savings.
  • Better utilisation of your highly skilled & expensive workforce.
  • Ensures a fully compliant evidential chain = court ready evidence

EXIF Processor

EXIF metadata is embedded in image files created by any camera (including mobiles and smartphones) and provides a wealth of information to the examiner.

Information like camera data, original image capture time, phone model, operating system, geographic location (longitude & latitude) and much more can typically be retrieved.

Collaborative Working

Areta® is as powerful for an investigation being conducted by a team as it is for an examiner working alone. Features beneficial to collaborative projects include the ability to run numerous networked configurations so multiple examiners can access data from a central repository of cases and exhibits.

Areta® gives you full flexibility to set up user access rights to view, read and write specific subsets of data, and to determine when and where data is synchronised to a central server with backup and replication options. With a centralised Case Management solution to push down updates, license and control users access rights and monitor key statistics you really are given total control.

  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Automated Logbook
  • Route Replay
  • Geofencing
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Temperature Detection
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery
  • Service History and Scheduling
  • Surveillance on vehicles for remote monitoring
  • Remote locking and unlocking of trailers
  • Secure Mobile Device activity (Voice and Text)
  • Secure Laptop Device activity (Emails, Browsers etc)
  • Manage Devices centrally (Lock, Wipe, Track)
  • Device Forensics
  • Device certificates
  • Secure digital signing solutions
  • Encryption
  • Public key infrastructure
  • Secure authentication

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