What We Do

Areta Consultants offers exceptional consulting ROI (Return On Investment) by deploying small, highly capable teams that partner with clients to deliver solution breakthroughs.

We excel at deploying holistic conceptual solutions and target benefits for evaluation and consideration by our clients, before delivering these solutions.

Whilst our focus is both strategic and tactical from an operations perspective, our solutions are effective, efficient and outcomes focused.

Our Services

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  • Conduct complex and independent investigations on new and current technologies
  • Research and Evaluate technology and systems
  • Formulate Engagement, Design and Installation models and standards
  • Formulate Technical and Technological specifications
  • Develop systems and processes to monitor compliance with standards and specifications
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  • Assimilate customer requirements and technologies fit
  • Identify operational requirements through the stages of the customer engagement
  • Identify technological and technical requirements through the stages of the customer engagement
  • Identify and translate operational and system requirements into engineered solutions
  • Analysis and conversion of the above engineered solutions into general and detail technical specifications
  • Formulation of total solution Blue Print plans
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  • Site surveys, assessments and audits
  • Risk & site classification assessments
  • Formulation of site plans
  • Developing Bill of Quantities and Materials
  • Preparation of proposals and tenders
  • Preparation of equipment deployment schedules
  • Preparation of end-device schedules
  • Assessment and valuation of existing systems for buy-back purposes
  • Administration of the Specification and Costing templates
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  • Consult to authorised solution
  • Formulate and Develop project Financial Models
  • Formulate and Develop project tender General Technical and Detail Technical Specifications
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  • Formulate and Develop project tender Bill of Quantity (BOQ)
  • Formulate and Develop project tender System and Detail Technical Drawings
  • Assist Client with tender bidding and evaluation process
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  • Implement all types of security technologies
  • Project management
  • Maintenance
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  • Onsite safety officers
  • Development of safety files
  • Safety audits
  • Health and Safety plans
  • Health and safety policies
  • Development of Health and Safety specifications
  • Hazard identification and Risk Assessments
  • Emergency response plans

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